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Hey Family!!

I’m a 22 years old boy from Uttar Pradesh (India). The only purpose of creating this website is to inspire you all with the stories of struggle and hard work-life of great businessmen, celebrities, sports personalities, and social heroes. That is how and in what way these people are inspiring the world with their hard work and honesty and how these people became successful after struggling so much. 

As I’ve seen nowadays people have given up on small problems so easily and they don’t even want to fight back with situations and problems they face in their lives. However, I also feel low and lose sometimes as I’m also a human being. So read and understand under the articles of this website that you too can earn everything with hard work, honesty, determination, and courage.

Welcome you are at the right place now!!

shahjahanpur martyrs
martyrs of shahjahanpur
Edited by Shivaankar Sharma

Yeah! I actually feel proud to be born in Shahjahanpur. Located in Uttar Pradesh, Shahjahanpur is the birthplace of brave freedom fighters like Thakur Roshan Singh, Ram Prasad Bismil, and Shaheed Ashfaqullah Khan who fought for their country in Kakori Kaand.

The world’s third tallest Hanuman statue is also from my city Shahjahanpur. The work of making the largest statue of Lord Hanuman in the country established in Hanumant Dham was started on May 4, 2003. In a record time of about 10 years and 2 months, this giant statue was ready. Only the height of the idol of Lord Hanuman is 104 ft. 

The mountain on which the idol is installed is also 21 ft high. In this way, the total height of the statue from the earth is 125 ft, Which made him India’s tallest statue of Lord Hanuman. According to a survey, after this tallest statue of Lord Hanuman in India, there’re three more idols like 81 ft high idol in Shimla, 75.5 ft in Orissa, and 85 ft in Sita Patti. In preparing this idol, 11 craftsmen brought from Rajasthan were led by the skilled sculptor Virendra Khudania.

CCTV cameras have been installed around the artificial mountain on which the statue of Lord Hanuman is installed. Attractive fountains and colorful lights have been arranged in the front. The entire platform in the middle of the river is decorated with velvet grass and various species of plants. A bridge has been built over the river Khannaut to reach the cave and the idol.

hanumat dham shahjahanpur
Edited by Shivaankar Sharma
My hobbies

My LifestyleAbout Us

I am a very fashionable and trendy boy, that means in the house I live in normal clothes but whenever I go out of the house, I carry clothes according to the occasion. I’m a late-night guy, meaning I sleep around 2 to 3 at night and wake up around 11 to 12 in the morning. But when there is some important work, you pick me up even at 4 o’clock, I will be ready.

I start my day by mixing ground turmeric with hot water in a coffee-sized mug. I take bath at night for the last few years, yes this good habit I have learned from the tradition of Japan. In Japan, it is culture & tradition to take bath in the evening because it soaks away all the stress of the day & goes to bed with a clean, refreshed body and mind. So I started following exactly the same routine.

I am a very health-conscious person. Till school time, I did not pay attention to my face nor my physique at all. But ever since I entered the depth of acting field, I take great care of my diet, health, fitness. I regularly exercise at home with resistance bands because I want to build a ripped and lean body. And yes diet does not mean that I take expensive protein shakes and health supplements. I eat only normal home-cooked food.

One more thing, I am very fond of traveling but after late night around 7 pm, wherever you take me, I will walk with you very happy or if it is monsoon season, I can walk at any time. But at all, I don’t like to walk during the day or even in the morning and even in the evening. I mostly like to go from home at night for my work or even for household work but it is not necessary that sometimes I go during the day or even in the morning when work is more than necessary.

My HobbiesAbout Us

These are some hobbies that I wanted to do definitely one day or some I already did whenever I’ve free time to do like Parkour & Gymnasts, Nightclubs and Nighttravelling with my scooty, Sometimes Badminton, cycling, Playing the Flute, I draw very fine Drawing & Sketching since childhood, Martial arts, playing video games on phone like PUBG and playing PlayStation games or say PC games is one of the most favorite hobbies among all these hobbies which I shared above.

I would love to do racing with cars and bikes like fast & furious movies. I already make a plan of this in my mind that one day I’ll make the same family as they made in the movie like they made their family in the world of racing.

The flute is one of my favorite musical instruments among the entire world’s musical instruments and I also want to be trained in this one day. Actually, The sound of the flute shakes my soul to the core. Its sound calms my heart. If taking about martial  arts I knew few basics of it but in this art, I also wanted to be a trained martial artist one day for sure.

My education

My EducationAbout Us

I’ve done my schooling in Science Stream from B.S. Public School completed in 2017 affiliated with Board of CBSE New Delhi and I’ve done my graduation from S.S. College completed in 2020 affiliated from MJP Rohilkhand University in Bachelor of Arts. Now I’m doing a Diploma in Pharmacy and it’ll get completed in next year that is in 2022.

My Fav ThingsAbout Us

Favorite Place to visit

Tokyo, London, Brazil, Bermuda Triangle, and many more mysterious places across the world

Favorite Color

Black, Dark Blue and mostly dark shade colors

Favorite Clothes

Mostly trendy and stylish clothes and sometimes formal

Favorite Fast food

Pizza & Momo

Favorite Car & Bike

Lamborghini, Rolls Royce & Yamaha, Choppers

Favorite Hollywood Movies

My Favourite Hollywood movies ever are Harry Potter, Fast & Furious, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, Joker, Shutter Island, Once upon a Time in Hollywood, Now you see me, Inception and There are many more movies in the list, maybe the list gets short but the list of movies will not end.

Favorite Bollywood Movies

3 idiots, Madari, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, Shahid, Super30, Chhichhore, Maqbool, Priyadarshan directed all comedy films and There are many more movies in the list, maybe the list gets short but the list of movies will not end.

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reason of making website

While there is no specific or specific reason to start this website, I like to inspire people to live their lives and do whatever they can to help them reach their goals. Now there is nothing I have done in life that I can inspire or inspire you all.

But through this website’s articles, I want to bring you the struggle story of the life of big businessmen like Mukesh Ambani, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Ratan Tata, Jack Ma, Warren Buffet, and many other small and big businessmen.

And I will inspire you by bringing life stories of small and big actors like Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rajkumar Rao, Ayushmann Khurrana, Hrithik Roshan on this website.

Now let’s talk about the social heroes whom I personally consider to be God, for example, even in difficult situations like a pandemic, when you are in danger of dying even if you are close to your loved ones, then there are people like Sonu. The way Sood is helping the people of the country selflessly, cannot be described in words. You will get to read the life stories of many such unknown social heroes here. Whom people do not even know, but now the world will know.

And you will get to know about sports personalities like Mirabai Chanu, Neeraj Chopra, Sachin Tendulkar and many more.

So please support me in this journey and I need your blessings & support to grow myself, and I’ll make sure that I’ll always try to give my best and always post quality content on this website to inspire and motivate you in all possible ways.